Tactical Armor Vest Insert - Set of 2 deal

Tactical Armor vest inserts provide you are best pricing on matched inserts for your tactical vest. All of our inserts are NIJ level IIIA and above. We provide the stopping protection you need at the prices you can afford. See our independent 3rd party videos of testing done on our inserts. Everything from a .22 to .45 auto was stopped cold by our tactical armor insert sets.

Shooters cut, normal cut, special order cuts are available. We ship within 2 days unless special order, expect 2 weeks for them. We use Dupont Kevlar to provide you peace of mind when protection is needed. Armordepot.us wants to be your ballistic warehouse. Armor plates, Tactical Armor vest inserts and Armor at prices you can believe in.

Armor vests, armor soft inserts, armor plates, tactical gear and many other ballistic products that fit your budget.

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