Armor depot inserts on youtube, watch the results, proven protection.

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The first post centers around an independent third party’s video testing Armor Depot soft Armor inserts. Make sure you take a look at how the soft armor inserts perform, check out different sizes here. Performance against 9MM to a 223 mag, a .41 Mag to a .45 automatic? Our dupont kevlar wrapped inserts can take a ballistic punch. View the videos and see side by side results against police issue armor vests.

The soft armor insert strength against ballistic threats will provide peace of mind in your purchase. The video host testing Armor depot inserts on youtube might call the ballistic inserts sketchy, but results equal proven protection. Shop all our products today and save on protection for you, your families, friends and your employees.

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Thanks for watching the armor depot inserts on youtube. We know your time is valuable. We are not biggest armor company, maybe not the best, that is a consumer decision but we do believe in quick free shipping, quality products and delivering great custome service. Then our customers can consider us the best. 

Please check out all our bulletproof vests, tactical inserts and ballistic gear and contact us with any questions. We will be adding more videos and products in time. See you next post..